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C4 eD 12.20 ES

  • ACS+ Operating Modes: Steam from 30 - 130_C with guaranteed steam saturation; Combi-steam from 30 - 250_C with automatic humidity adjustment; Convection from 30-250_C with optimised heat transfer;
  • HygienicCare Concept:- safety thanks to antibacterial surfaces; easyTouch & easyDial user interface; Door handles and hand showers
  • easyDial user interface:- Central control unit, Convotherm Dial (C-Dial); Regenerating function: Regenerate products to their peak level; Digital display;
  • 99 cooking profiles with up to 9 steps possible
  • Core temperature sensor
  • Door handle with safety latch and sure-shut function (sure-shut function for table-top appliances)
  • Preheat bridge - integrated (floor standing appliances only)
  • Disappearing door - more space as well as safety at work
  • RS232 port
  • RS485 port
  • HACCP and pasteurisation figures data storage
  • Preheat and cool-down function
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